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The Alpha Release of InkPass is available to purchase now!
InkPass by MattyLaBoosh
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The What

InkPass is a new way to manage Tattoo Appointment Payments and Bookings using Blockchain Technology, giving you Digital Asset for verification of payment, without needing to get into a cryptocurrency hole.
You can purchase with Credit/Debit Card, and only need an Email Address to set up an account and digital wallet with
If cryptocurrency, and NFTs, and Web3 at large interests you, if you'd like more information on the Ethereum Blockchain and its recent updates to make it 99% more efficient and eco-friendly, Matt will be more than happy to talk you through it during your Tattoo Session, on Instagram, Discord, Google Meet, or wherever else you like.

The Who

InkPass is Made by Matt and Paul Renshaw.
Matt is a multi-multi award-winning-artist, with nearly 12 years of Tattooing (he's probably forgot more about tattooing than he currently knows).
Paul is a Full-Stack Developer currently working for who are a prominent, well trusted, no-code NFT creation Platform in the Web3 space.
They both believe in the future of Verifiable Digital Ownership, and in the larger utilities and benefits that Cryptocurrency and Web3 have to offer.

The Why

InkPass is the next step in bringing the power of Web3 into the real world of tattooing, without relying on the speculative market of over-hyped jpegs and pngs.